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App marketing, performance marketing is now

App Store Optimization (ASO)

Imagine a virtual sales shelf on the App Store with your app on display with over 2 million other apps. This means that you need to make your app stand out to be seen by the user. The most important aspect of ASO is optimizing your app's visibility in terms of app rank, impression, share, rating, review, and download in the App Store. And content marketing plays a key role here. Similar to the way that SEO leads to website engagement, ASO drives active app installs. The key to this process is content. Although the use of content is very limited within the App Store, you can and should take advantage of content from other online assets such as websites, blogs, and landing pages. That way you can build app awareness and drive traffic to the app store download page

Great Content Creation

Once you have a content marketing plan, the next thing you need is content. 'Content' is a very broad term covering everything from blog posts, social media posts, landing pages, ebooks, white papers, case studies, customer ratings, newsletters, emails, and videos. We need to provide the highest quality, authoritative content that people want to share while embracing the latest trends and issues in the app industry. Interactive content is good because it engages and delights users in ways that are never possible with static text.

Distribution of content

Now that the content is available, it's time to distribute it to the target audience. In app content marketing, we will maximize the chances of your app success by leveraging a variety of tools and channels and constantly trying out a sophisticated and sophisticated approach.

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